What is XUTURE CAPITAL Slide/Presentation?

Simply put XC Slides or XUTURE CAPITAL Slide presentation is 13 slides of useful information for any kind of venture funding. These 13 slides capture the most relevant information behind your idea or product with respect to the time constraints of pitching.

The presenter should not spend more than 1 minute per slide. Ideally your presentation should be wrapped up in 39 minutes. Given that you only have about 40 minutes to pitch your idea, we have found this to be the most efficient way for presentations.


After much chagrin going through countless presentations and business plans, Mr. Misra, founder of Xuture LLC created XC Slides to help entrepreneurs. Each letter in XUTURE CAPITAL stands for a particular piece of information we look for. Here are the 13 most pertinent pieces of information investors typically look for:

Xplain X-plain Xecutive Summary. In other words, eXplain your company's business in less than 50 words. Language should be Plain without any tech-jargons.
USP Explain your product's Unique Selling Proposition. The unique product benefit that the competition cannot claim over you.
TAM/SAM/SOM Explain the TAM (Total Available Market) for your product or idea. Also, list your SAM (Served Available Market) and SOM (Share of Market). Read our quick marketing primer here.
UnCarved If your idea or product is not unique, explain if it is Underused or UnCarved, with options for a CarveOut. (Definitions available in our marketing primer here.)
Research Explain the Research that went behind your idea. How can you Reach the maximum number of people with product Recognition?
Expansion Explain your company's plans for Expansion. How can you Exploit other areas staying true to your company mission statement?
Competition/Contagious List your competitors. Or explain why you don't have any competition, especially if you are breaking ground. Also explain if your product or idea is Contagious, Catchy or Captivating? Can it go viral?
Added Value Describe the real or perceived; tangible or intangible Added Value behind your product or idea.
Prospect Describe your Prospect - a customer (person, organization, buyer) before the sale is made. Who is your Target audience? Who can benefit from your product or idea?
Income & Expenses Income & Expenses. Give a quick breakdown of your projected Income & Expenses. Leave complex Profit and Loss Projections, Projected Cash Flow and Break-Even Analysis for your business plan. Stress more on Expenses. We want to see where the funding will go.
TFR Total Funding Request - What is the total amount of funding you are requesting?
Accvantage This is a term coined by Mr. Misra and combines the words "Account" & "Advantage." First describe your Advantage. The aspect of a product or service that makes it better than another, especially the one in-situ or that of a competitor. Then describe your average Account size with pricing.
Leadership Describe your Leadership: Founder(s) & Management Team

Straight. Simple. Painless. Follow the rules above and you will be well on your way to becoming a super presenter, and quite possibly get funded.