About Us

At XC Slides, our mission is to guide entrepreneurs through the venture financing process of their startup. XC Slides is a subsidiary of Xuture LLC.

Xuture is the world's first venture capital firm with a plethora of funding options. Like traditional VCs we fund startups at seed, early-stage & growth level. However, unlike traditional VCs, part of our focus is also on micro-financing or Xuture Capital investment. Xuture invests wisely and judiciously in unique entrepreneurs and exceptional high-technology companies mostly in the United States of America. If you are outside of USA and have a earth-shattering product or idea, contact us. We may be able to help you.

Why XC Slides?

Both XC Slides ("The Misra Method") and 13/13 Rule are the vision of Mr. Misra, founder of Xuture LLC. After having gone through countless presentations and business plans that constantly missed the mark, Mr. Misra came up with the idea of helping entrepreneurs. Mr. Misra's goal was for entrepreneurs to succeed the first time rather than pitching and failing.

According to Misra, "We want you [entrepreneurs] to show investors and VCs exactly what we want to see. Omit the fluff out and align your presentation similar to XC Slides. Having confidence and perfecting your elevator pitch does come in handy during the presentation."

What we do?

We guide and help entrepreneurs seek the best alternative for their financing needs. We hope that our resources will make entrepreneurs well-informed and knowledgeable when discussing their financing needs.