Hold Your Target Audience's Interest

Your product or idea is revolutionary, cutting-edge and contagious. Now how do you pitch it most efficiently? How can you hone your presentation to hold your target audience's interest?

Raising capital from a Silicon Valley VC is not easy. If you are reading this, you are aware that we at Xuture LLC provide venture capital. Here are a couple of things we like to hear in your Intro/Summary:

  • What is your Competitive Advantage? Do you have a unique earth-shattering opportunity?
  • Do you have a First-mover Advantage or "Fast second" Leap Frog competitive advantage?
  • Right off the bat describe the pain you are alleviating (using your product or idea) to get our "buy-in."

The 13/13 Rule

The 13/13 Rule was a creation of Mr. Misra, Founder & CEO Xuture LLC, who wanted entrepreneurs to succeed the first time rather than pitching and failing.
Unlike other firms, we at Xuture don't make appointments for an hour, rather 40 minutes. If we like what we see, we will extend the appointment or will call you back for a follow up meeting. Here is the skinny:

13 slides in under 13 minutes. [Read here for the 13 XC Slides]
13 minutes for Introduction & Summary.
13 minutes for Q&A and Discussions.
Total = 39 minutes

Your presentation should be wrapped up in 40 minutes