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XC Slides or XUTURE CAPITAL Slides is a revolutionary resource for entrepreneurs looking to perfect their pitching and presentation skills while seeking venture capital.


"The Misra Method" or "XUTURE CAPITAL method of presenting an idea" is 13 slides - no more, no less. According to Mr. Misra, founder Xuture LLC, "Ideally, your presentation should be wrapped up in under 39 minutes. Don't waste our time - we promise we won't waste yours!"

Read more about our 13/13 Rule here.

Time is of essence

During your pitch, time is of essence...so please focus on the necessities. You only get an hour to pitch your idea to a Venture Capital firm. Use this wisely and to your advantage.

Eliminate all the fluff, excesses and do away with circumlocution and rigmarole. Your business plan is the right place for detailed financial forecasts, not your first pitch to a VC. The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is age old and pretty much sums it up. Eliminate unnecessary complexity from your slides or presentation.